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4.2 Acoustic POD Lite 1600

Acoustic POD Lite 1600

Screen 4.2 POD Lite 1600 is a range of modular light weight high performance Acoustic screens that can create, within the office, effective acoustic environments for a multitude of uses with a diameter of 1600mm – Pods, meeting rooms, breakout areas and many others.

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e-Brochure: Acoustic Office Screens

Our unique 20 page brochure has been specifically designed to provide you with a wide range of Acoustic Office Screens in one easy to use format.

The products featured have all been carefully selected by us to meet the demands of ever changing workplace environments.

Helping to reduce noise in the workplace…

In the modern workplace the emphasis is on teamwork, flexibility and communication. For most companies and designers, this means open plan work areas. Gone are the days of being tucked away in private offices. But while the move to open plan has many advantages, it has also meant a loss of privacy and the constant distraction of noise. We may have a solution to help you manage the sound levels with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that productivity and privacy needs are met.

Our manufacturing partners have developed a range of lightweight, modular, Acoustic PODs and Hubs which can create a multitude of high performance acoustic environments for a variety of uses - for example, PODs, Meeting Rooms and Break Out Areas.

The design of the walls and the patented roof system is such that sound absorption is optimised whilst still allowing the free flow of existing air conditioning system. The system is demountable and can easily be reconfigured and, unlike partitioning, there are no dilapidation costs to consider.

Benefits of Leasing:

Most businesses understand the benefits of refurbishing or refitting the working environment, the positive influence on staff morale and productivity have been well documented. However the cost of a professional design and build project that can include intangible elements such as Acoustic Screens & Meeting PODs together with design and management costs can often result in it being postponed or significantly downgraded. (Click for more information)

To request your survey or to talk directly with one of our acoustic consultants call us on 0800 612 4174, or click here to complete our survey form, we are able to complete surveys throughout London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Acoustic Products Include:

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To request your survey or to talk directly with one of our Acoustic Consultants call us on 0800 612 4174, or click to complete our survey form, we are able to complete surveys in Essex, London, Herts, Bucks, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

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