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Acoustic Surveys

Analyse your acoustic environment

Our survey offers acoustic ‘scoring’ of office environments. It allows us to input specific information about an existing office which is then analysed by our Acoustics Specialist.

The acoustic properties of every surface and resulting Reverberation Time of the space are assessed and a report is produced rating your office according to our Points System. Each product in our catalogue is worth a specific amount of acoustics points allowing you freedom of choice in the acoustic design of your office.

Until now, assessing the acoustic qualities of any work place has been the job of an expert. It has required an understanding, not only of the acoustic properties of furniture, screens, floors and ceilings, but a thorough grounding in the properties and behaviour of sound.

Yet now, our expertise in acoustic management has allowed us to develop a unique and simple system that offers accurate acoustic ‘scoring’ of office environments, quickly and easily assessing the Reverberation Time of every space. A design solution is then produced that will allow the creation of acoustically efficient, and therefore, productive working spaces.

How the survey works

Step 1 - Survey

Our experience shows that each acoustics problem is unique so our aim is to get a full description of the problem and outcome expectations. For complex venues we may work alongside our manufacturing partners to ensure the solution is put forward.

Step 2 - Analyse Information

Following our survey, we will look to analyse all of the data collected, this will include Room size and volume, wall, floor and ceiling finishes, items office furniture, the aim would be to understand the Acoustic issues and put forward a solution.

Step 3 - Acoustics Solution

Analysis carried out using the survey data entered via the website Prediction of reverberation times of unaltered room, and various acoustics solutions Results converted into an acoustic points score

Recommendations of how to earn acoustic points in order to solve your acoustics problem - based on the needs of the client.

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